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Features that help manage your accounts error free include:

  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Tax & Withholding Tax Management
  • Bank & Cheque Management
  • Customer/Supplier Reports Management
  • Finance Automation

Key Features :

General Ledger Management

  • Inbuilt multi company/branches/currency​ support for ledger management
  • Multi–dimension reporting with analytic accounts and tags ​
  • Pivot based run time report creation
  • Withholding tax and sales/income taxes​ management
  • Financial period closing and full dynamic periods management ​
  • Financial budgets management (actual vs budgeted figures)​
  • Create auto alerts and actions based on predefined targets​
  • Fully integrated with sub-ledgers ​
  • Integrate general ledger with logistics & other modules

Accounts Payable Management

  • Get secure invoicing ​
  • Auto invoice generation ​capability
  • Create recurring invoices based on predetermined intervals to automate payable​s
  • Multi-currency, multi-tax and multi-payment terms support
  • Process batch payments​ robustly
  • Secure payments with multi step verification ​feature
  • Integrable with inventory, warehouse, payroll and other erp modules
  • Generate vendor statements and ledgers​ effortlessly


Payments Management

  • Manage multiple banks and cash accounts in multi-currency​
  • Transfer payments between cash and bank accounts​
  • Detailed cheque book management​ including postdated cheques​
  • Integrate payments with payables for tight control and payment matching​
  • Integrate payment with relevant taxes for auto tax management
  • Get dynamic cheque printing directly from system​
  • Automate the exchange rate calculations ​
  • Manage multiple invoice payments


Accounts Receivable Management

  • Streamline the multiple collection processes
  • Reduce customer/supplier invoice disputes
  • Manage customer invoicing flawlessly​
  • Manage customers and customer contact persons via erp system​
  • Generate auto recurring invoices based on pre-defined intervals​
  • Send Auto alerts & reminders schedules for payments​ to customers
  • Easily create customer ledgers
  • Advanced auto commission calculation
  • Set predefined criteria​/rules
  • Automatically close activities once a payments are made


Budget Management

  • Monitor & create multiple budgets
  • Create and edit budgets​ project wise
  • Manage and get budget approvals from top management or designated person
  • Auto create project wise profit and loss accounts ​
  • Analyze expense/incomes for different projects


Tax Management

  • Calculate tax automatically as per defined rules
  • Manage withholding taxes
  • Create area based taxes​
  • Create custom tax calculations by country/state/province/city
  • Have access to Customizable tax reporting feature
  • Review tax reports & enter corrections
  • Create tax audit trail for relevant transactions


Cash Forecasting

  • Plan your treasury against your planned cash ​
  • Create forecasting window for a defined period of time​
  • Create a detailed daily cash flow sheet based on bank transactions​
  • Generate a detailed forecast cash balance sheet based on payable and receivables
  • Compare actual cash flow sheets with the forecast cash flows sheets
  • Simulate different cash flow forecasts


Reporting and Dashboards

  • Create Custom pivot based reports
  • Access plenty of ready to use templates
  • Analyze real time user and rights based data
  • Get access to dynamic BI dashboards​
  • Import/Export data to/from excel/google sheets

Accounting Management System

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