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Features that help streamline & automate different building management tasks include:

  • Invoice Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Parking Management
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Payroll Management
  • Individual Customer Portals

Key Features :

Rental Management

  • Track, manage, and record buildings/tower rentals
  • View real-time insights
  • Access complete rental service history
  • Integrate building operations and financials​
  • Create invoices automatically for predefined intervals​
  • Manage customer contracts​
  • Create individual customer portals
  • Automated alerts & reminders

Agreements and Reservations

  • Simultaneously manage multiple agreements and reservations
  • Automate invoice handling (day/date wise)
  • create and edit calculations based on specified days
  • Create, edit & apply multiple sets of standard terms and conditions

Easily maintain your contracts effectively

  • Create and manage multiple maintenance teams robustly
  • Set system based alerts for preventive maintenance
  • Schedule corrective maintenance
  • Easily lodge new maintenance requests
  • IoT enabled preventive maintenance​ compatible

Service Request Management

  • Use customer portals ​to view all help desk requests and their status​es
  • Manage and assign service request totems
  • Check team efficiency for request closure​
  • Issue items for maintenance
  • Create custom invoices for different customers​
  • Crete job orders/requests with predefined quality checklists

Visitor Management

  • Create pictorial representation of multiple visitors
  • Track visitors passes with unique barcode
  • Easily block/blacklist visitors
  • Set custom automatic notifications
  • Configurable Id proof types and languages
  • Customize visitor badges
  • Manage and track visitors with respect to date, day and time

Maintenance Management

  • Create and track progress of maintenance requests
  • Create and edit detailed maintenance logs
  • Create and automate preventive maintenance checklist
  • Track asset movement and it’s maintenance across different sites
  • Assign maintenance work orders to employees
  • View and record maintenance histories

Parking Management

  • Manage and allot parking space to customers/visitors
  • Create custom invoice for extra parking space allotted to customers/visitors
  • Integrate RFID system with ERP that help record vehicle check in and out time
  • Check new and old parking statuses
  • Create custom parking schedules

Security and Mobile Support

  • 24/7 cloud/data centre support
  • SSL & VPN support
  • Multiple electronic device compatible (tablet, mobile, laptop)
  • Multiple OS compatibility (android, IOS, windows)
  • Multiple browsers compatibility (chrome, opera, firefox)

Building Management System

Client Name
: dddd
: App Development
Start Date
: 1st Dec, 2020
End Date
: 4th Dec, 2020
: Completed