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Streamline project management processes with:

  • Budget Management
  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Documents Management
  • Time Management
  • Resource Management
  • Intuitive Gantt Charts

Key Features :

Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Define project objectives
  • Plan and create project timelines
  • Match project deliverables with scope
  • Share project plans with your team & stakeholders
  • Edit and share project schedule with team members/managers
  • Plan and compare project budgets

Useful insights into Project Data

A functional and dynamic pivot view for everything, from resource utilization to project progress.

You can easily:

  • Analyze on various measures
  • Use Drill down and zoom functionality
  • Filter data
  • Make groups of data and mark favorites
  • Import data directly to  personal dashboard


Project Needs & Resources Forecasting

  • Plan ahead for upcoming projects
  • Forecasts needs & wants based on previous data or comparable projects
  • Estimate deadlines accurately
  • Analyze current needs and available resources

Documents Sharing with Team Members

  • Share project documents and progress reports with team members
  • Add quick notes or files to different tasks
  • Keep track of project conversations
  • Share documents between two different projects

Contracts Management

  • Upload, compile and manage project related contracts
  • Generate recurring invoices automatically as per period defined in contracts
  • Share contracts with team member

Organizing & Maintaining Tasks

  • Break down your project in bite-sized tasks
  • Organize and assign different tasks to team members
  • Create customized stages for each project to simplify workflow

Resource Management

  • Create resource scheduling using drag and drop task features
  • Reallocate project resources to manage effective utilization effortlessly
  • Create in-depth notes and custom data fields for resources
  • Add color codes to different resources
  • Segregate resources as per need
  • Filter resources for different tasks/projects
  • Assign resources to upcoming projects using gantt charts
  • Identify possible resource shortfalls and excesses

Project Management System

Client Name
: test
: Domain Registeration
Start Date
: 3rd Dec, 2020
End Date
: 4th Dec, 2020
: Completed