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Inventory / Consignment Management​

  • Manage product approval workflows
  • Create user-wise product/product category restrictions​
  • Create, schedule, and track shipments all via centralized console​
  • Transfer inventory from other stores, outlets, or warehouses to required locations​
  • Comprehensive product management capability
  • Optimize inventory levels based on solid analytics ​
  • Automatically apply quality control parameter checks for inventory
  • Automate procurement based on reordering rules​
  • Calculate inventory cost based on average costing , FIFO or standard costing​
  • Barcode enabled for effective operations management
  • Complete Lot and Consignment management​


Stock Quality Control​

  • Create custom quality teams ​
  • Create quality check trigger points​
  • Send custom inspection and result notifications to concerned​ person
  • Skip quality tests for approved products/vendors​
  • Separate storage for quality rejected products​
  • Manage both qualitative and quantitative tests​
  • Conduct unique tests based on products or product categories


Product Requisition Management

  • Allow employees to create requisitions​
  • Manage requisitions for internal transfers as well as purchase orders​
  • Set multi-level requisitions restrictions
  • Track warehouse for inventory transfers
  • Send auto alerts for requisitions and approvals​
  • Employees can send replenishment request for multiple products based on:​
  1. desired quantity​
  2. preferred warehouse​
  3. desired date​


Warehouse Management​

  • Manage stock movement via barcodes / RFIDs with auto quantity update​
  • Manage multiple warehouses, locations & shelves
  • Set multi-level approvals and restrictions to prevent errors
  • Track movement of items product wise, location wise, warehouse wise, category wise
  • Import Inventories with lots from excel files​ or google sheets
  • Auto send delivery slips/receipt alerts to relevant users/suppliers​
  • Auto print barcodes for products with or without lot details from within system​
  • Assign custom warehouse in-charge for approvals of stock movement


Stock Transport/Logistics ​Management

  • Manage multiple company/personel transport vehicles​
  • Link vehicles with transporters​
  • Manage & assign transport routes​
  • Integrate inventory, warehouses and locations and sales for full stock management​
  • Access transport details on delivery orders/picking forms​
  • Auto create transporter wise invoices based on agreed route rates and trips​
  • Auto send transport details to customers/delivery locations​


Sale and Order Management​

  • Attach emails with relevant orders
  • Manage all leads, clients, and orders​ in one integrated dashboard
  • Create custom customer online portal for limited access
  • Integrate with accounting system with inventory​ systems
  • Manage stock on basis of products, variants, and prices​
  • Manage advanced pricing for multiple variants and locations
  • Create custom discounts as per need

Supply Chain Management System

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Start Date
: 1st Dec, 2020
End Date
: 4th Dec, 2020
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